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Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects.


A branch of medicine concerned with the correction or prevention of deformities, disorders, or injuries of the skeleton and associated structures.


Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eyeball. An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems.


Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system.


SKS Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for pets. We genuinely care about your pets and all animals! Our staffs are passionate about veterinary medicine and is extremely well trained. We strive to provide professional, affordable, and advanced veterinary services. At SKS Veterinary Hospital, you will walk into a welcoming, and friendly environment every visit, so that the experience is as comfortable as possible for you and your pet.

SKS Veterinary Hospital offers the; emergency veterinary care, as well as medical, surgical, and dental services. We also have an in-house pharmacy with access to specialists, making our veterinary facility a one stop shop for your pet's health and medical needs. If you are new to our website, please browse around to learn about our facility and services. For directions to our office see our Contact Us page.



Chief Consultant and Managing Director
Dr. A. Anandaraj, M.V.Sc.,
Orthopedic Consultant & Surgeon
Dr. Anushya
General Consultant & Avian medicine
Dr. Ganesh kumar, M.V.Sc., (Trichy)
General Consultant
Dr. K. Jeyaraja Ph.D.,
Internal medicine & Cardiologist
Dr. Monika krish B.V.Sc.,
General Consultant
Dr. Prasannakumar, M.V.Sc., (Trichy)
Orthopedic Consultant & Surgeon
Dr. Ramanathan, M.V.Sc., (Coimabatore - Peelamedu)
General Consultant & Soft tissue surgeon
Dr. T. P. Sekar, M.V.Sc.,
General Consultant & Soft tissue surgeon
Dr. Siranjeevi kumar, M.V.Sc., (Trichy)
Diagnostic Imaging & Sonologist
Dr. Sivachandran
Dr. D. Sivakumar, M.V.Sc., (Coimabatore – Saibaba colony )
General Consultant & Soft tissue surgeon
Dr. S. Sooryadas, Ph.D.,
Ophthalmic Consultant & Surgeon
Dr. V. Tamilselvan, B.V.Sc.,
General Consultant




Successful Story #1
Snoopy was a 10 yrs old female intact spitz, had an emergency last week. When it reached to our hospital it was literally comatose, taking deep breaths and abdomen was severely distended. On Examination it was suspected as a case Pyometra (Pus in the uterus) and confirmed through scanning of the abdomen.
During the surgical procedure one of the ovary showed tumour and severely enlarged than the other one. Finally uterus along with both the ovaries were removed and weighed. It was weighed around 2.5kgs after surgery snoopy recovered uneventfully. Now she enjoys her days with their family.
Message : If you are not planning to breed your male/female pet, better neuter them before they become old to avoid problems like pyometra, mammary tumour, Ovarian tumour in females and testicular tumour, prostatic hyperplasia in males.
Successful Story #2
Besky 2 year’s old lab had swallowed a magnet while he is playing. Unfortunately his parents planned to bring him to US in next two weeks. Luckily Besky was operated to remove the magnet from stomach.
Gastric foreign body (Magnet) removed Pet recovered uneventfully.
Successful Story #3
Massive pyometra (pus in uterus) in a 9 year’s Labrador surgically removed n saved the life, weighed nearly around 3 kgs.
Successful Story #4
Angie was a male cat had fallen from height and fractures his femur. Fracture located distal third of the femur diagnosed using computerized radiograph.
Femur fracture in a cat successfully treated with IMP fixation.
Successful Story #5
Bone (1.5 inch) struck up in the esophagus of a dog diagnosed using computerized radiography @ SKS Veterinary Hospital and endoscopically retrieved the foreign body. The pet pug doing well.
So please be careful when you feeding bones, or better avoid real bones.
Successful Story #6
Long oblique\spiral mid shaft humerus fracture in a cat reduced using IMP (intra medullary pinning) & cerclage wiring technique. Cat doing good now.
Successful Story #7
FHO (Femoral head and neck ostectomy) in a 2 year’s old golden retriever had bilateral dysplastic hip with right hip subluxation. This procedure can give pain free movement for rest of his life.
Successful Story #8
Grade III lateral patellar luxation corrected by TWRS (Trochlear wedge resection sulcoplasty) with MRIT (Medial retinacular imbrication technique) in a 7 month lab puppy.
Successful Story #9
Testicular (Sertoli cell) tumour in an unneutered old male Labrador surgically removed by SAT(Scrotal abalation technique).
Successful Story #10
Jerry 6 yr old, Male cocker spaniel had difficulty in passing urine. Sometime urine seems to be blood red in colour. Using CR he was diagnosed for Cystic caliculi (Bladder stones).
Stones were removed by cystotomy and he recovered uneventfully.
Successful Story #11
Plating (2 mm DCP) in a 4 months old female mongrel puppy. She had a fracture of distal radius ulna bone was fixed by 6 hole bone plate. No she using her feet like a normal puppy.
Successful Story #12
Multiple crush fracture of tibia managed with cerclage wiring followed by external splint bandage technique in a stray adopted pet dog.
Successful Story #13
Iliac fracture management - plating in a mongrel dog.
Successful Story #14
Tibial fracture managed with 4.5 LC-DCP @ SKS, Abiramapuram. Referred from Vellore


Amazing doctors with brilliant service and care. They really care for your pet as their own and treat them the best.
Veena Krishna Kumar
Loved it!!! Excellent !!! Went to SKSVetHospital which is at Thillainagar in trichy!!! Really have to thank Dr.Siranjeevi and Dr.Prasanna Kumar !! #ILoveSks #ILoveDogs
Senthil Kumar
Excellent Service, Very informative doctor sessions
Musky Vignesh
Very good service and ambience for pet lovers
Milo Jiggar
Very nice pet clinic and friendly approach. We are happy with our pets here
Shabby Selva
Great service. Pleasure to be associated with SKS
Tyson Rajkumar
Amazing service and customer care for sure you have one loyal team. Best wishes. Cheers. You have the best team.
Scribbles Mouli
Dollop is in very safe hands. Thank you SKS and team
Dollop Babitha
SKS is the best that any vet in town
Rambo Shruthi

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  • Premier & Pioneering Institute in the field of health care services to pets
  • Team of speacialist consultant
  • Most of the advanced diagnostic equipments gives us a accurate diagnosis
  • Continuous upgradation of recent advancement in canine practice



Intestinal parasites cause significant discomfort to pets, and also pose a treat to pet owners. Most intestinal parasites are zoonotic and can be transmitted from pet to human.

Founder, Chief Consultant & Dermatologist


What Makes Chocolate Toxic to Dogs

Chocolate contains substances known as methylxanthines (specifically caffeine and theobromine), which dogs are far more sensitive to than people.

Founder, Chief Consultant & Dermatologist


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