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About Us

SKS Veterinary Hospital was established in December 2003. Our goal is to build a practice that would offer the best care in all areas of veterinary medicine and provide not only for the physical needs of his patients, but for their emotional comfort as well.

We provide centers of excellence in cardiology, oncology, orthopedic surgery, gastroenterology and GI surgery, ophthalmology, radiology, urology, dental care, laboratory and pediatric care. In addition to Immunization & Treatments, we offer services, like pet boarding, routine and medicated bathing, and much more. Our hospital also carries a wide variety of prescription diets, flea/tick control products, and heartworm preventatives for your pet's overall health.

We are primarily a small animal practice specializing in the health care of companion dogs, cats and birds. We take great pride in our hospital and the Services we provide. SKS Hospital is committed to a higher level of patient experience. We want your experience with us to be positive, compassionate and full of hope.

Our main campus at Abiramapuram Chennai, and we also located in various part of Tamilnadu like Coimbatore and Trichy. Since 2003, our commitment to providing unsurpassed health and wellness services for your pet’s has been expanded to meet the increasing needs of our ever-growing population.

Our Vision

  • Our SKS
  • Our Clients first
  • Our SKS, First in client satisfaction

Our Mission

  • We will be prompt, polite and pro active with our clients.
  • We will speak the language of our loved ones, pets.
  • We will go beyond the call of duty to make our clients feel valued
  • We will be of service even if your loved ones happened to be farthest.
  • We will always try to offer excellence in service.
  • We will imbibe the state- of- the art technology to drive excellence.

Our Values

  • We will always be honest transparent and ethical.
  • We will respect our clients and fellow associates-veterinary professionals.
  • We will be knowledge driven.
  • We will learn and share our learning.
  • We will never take the easy way out.
  • We will do everything if it contributes to the healthcare of pets.
  • We will nurture pride to work in the field of healthcare of pets.